Weaving reeds especially for synthetic threads such as polyester or nylon.

Küfner produces high-quality weaving reeds for all types of technical plastic fabrics

Thanks to the uniformity of the openings and dents and the rounded edges, our symmetrically manufactured weaving reeds can be used on both sides. The perfectly rounded edges minimise friction and deformation of the warp and weft threads during the production process and ensure a consistently high quality of the plastic mesh. Special versions and designs are possible at any time. Weaving reeds with the following characteristics are particularly suitable for the production of industrial plastic meshes:

  • Weaving reeds of hardened dents with rounded and extra smooth edges, suitable for frictionless weaving of synthetic threads such as polyester or nylon.
  • Weaving reeds for industrial plastic meshes generally require higher binding bands.

Industrial plastic meshes are used in screen printing and for filtration i.a. in the automotive industry, chemical industry and medical technology.

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