Weaving reeds for customers worldwide.

The technical fabrics produced with Küfner weaving reeds have a very wide range of applications.

Küfner develops and produces high-quality and durable weaving reeds for looms on which technical fabrics of metal mesh and plastic are produced. These have been supplied to satisfied customers worldwide for many decades. The bandwidth of the weaving reeds supplied is enormous: Weaving reeds are produced in lengths from 0.5 m up to 15.0 m.

Küfner has specialised in the production of very fine weaving reeds with lengths up to 4 m. These weaving reeds are used worldwide in the production of technical fabrics that are employed e.g. in screen printing or in filtration. The ultimate application of the fabric thereby ranges from flat monitors right up to the Airbus.

Karl Küfner GmbH & Co. KG also produces extremely long weaving reeds with lengths up to 15 m. These weaving reeds are produced for both the German and European markets. They are used, for example, to weave broad bands for paper machines that are then employed as forming screen in the production of paper.

Küfner also manufactures the weaving reeds needed for the production of heavy fabrics. Heavy fabric is used i.a. as industrial fabric or as architectural meshes e.g. for façades and parapets.

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