Weaving reeds for the finest fabrics.

The production of weaving reeds for very fine fabrics demands ultimate precision.

Küfner has specialised in the production of extremely fine weaving reeds. Settings to a fineness of up to 250 stitches per cm or 650 per inch are standard at Küfner. Weaving reeds with greater finenesses are available on demand.

Weaving reeds with this fineness are used for the production of technical metal meshes and plastic fabrics that are used for filtration e.g. in the automotive and chemical industries and in medical technology. Fine fabrics are often also required in the screen printing industry.

In order to be able to produce such fine weaving reeds, Küfner uses only high-quality materials and components and attaches particular importance to precise workmanship. Only tested, hardened and rounded lamellar steel is used. Extremely stringent quality controls and strict monitoring and compliance with all the demands are a further guarantee of the company's success.

Küfner's greatest bonus, however, are the many years of experience in the production of weaving reeds. The highest precision - in materials and all production processes - allows weaving reeds of outstanding quality to be produced. These are characterised not only by their exceptional precision, but also by their outstanding stability and durability.

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