Customised Weaving Reeds to meet your requirements - for every weaving loom.

The demands made on a weaving reed can differ very widely. Because we know that your needs vary, depending on the loom type and production conditions, we develop weaving reeds specifically to your requirements so that you get a weaving reed that is suitable for smooth and continuous operation on your loom.

Whether with respect to the material or to the design of the weaving reed. Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of weaving reeds, we know your needs and can provide good advice and support at any time. Both aluminium and steel can be used as binding band material. Different retainers on the looms demand different binding band designs of the weaving reeds. We can therefore make the binding bands higher, thicker or narrower – just as you need them.

We promote new developments for our weaving reeds, in some cases together with our customers. Special designs are also possible at any time. Take advantage of our vast technical know-how and decades of experience.

What should your next weaving reed be able to do?