Weaving Reeds for forming fabrics for paper screens.

Thanks to the rounded edges, the uniformity of the slats and openings and the symmetrical design, our weaving reeds can be used on both sides in any loom. The careful rounding of the edges prevents friction and deformation of the warp and weft threads during the weaving process and ensures a high fabric quality.

  • Weaving reeds with smoothly rounded and perfectly polished dents of 12 mm width are particularly suitable for the production of forming fabrics for paper screens and industrial textiles.
  • Weaving width in one piece up to 15 m or in divided format possible.
  • Binding bands available in aluminium or steel.

Forming fabric, preferably of plastic, is used as a paper screen. The fabric is thereby used as a forming screen in the wet part of a paper production machine to separate the pulp suspension from the contained liquid.

Weaving reeds from Küfner allow you to produce perfect forming fabrics.