High-grade materials and precise workmanship for outstanding Quality.

We use only high-quality materials and components in the production of our weaving reeds. Furthermore, we carry out extremely stringent quality controls on all our production processes. The constant monitoring and observance of the high demands that we make on ourselves have made us the quality leader among weaving reed manufacturers.

Our weaving reeds are characterised by the following quality features:

  • Uniformity of the openings, reed dents and slats
  • Perfect rounding of the slat edges. Optimally formed for the weaving of plastic and metal
  • Strict observance of the thickness and height tolerances of the slats and edges
  • Optimum mechanical stability (bonding)

This precision gives our weaving reeds exceptional accuracy and durability, making them outstandingly suitable for smooth continuous operation on all weaving looms.

10 reasons for weaving reeds from the quality leader – Küfner.